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Designed with Inkpad by Toni Lirio

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Toni Lirio is a digital artist who uses Inkpad on his iPad to create beautifully unusual and imaginative designs. Tony makes exquisite use of transparency and gradients in his artwork to create the illusion of depth, surface detail and reflections.

Tony has shared a wide selection of his creative artwork, including background notes on some of his favorites and his use of Inkpad.

Black Velvet Seahorse.

"I really love use gradients and transparencies to simulate volumes and textures. In this case I tried to simulate the softness of black velvet in the skin of this funny character. The highlight of the skirtings are stretched ovals with radial gradients from white to 100% transparent."

Let Your Dreams Bring You to Other Magical Worlds.

"One of the things that I value the most of Inkpad is how fast you can create dreamy illustrations like this. Transparencies and color blending modes help you to get a magical atmosphere."

Take your time. I can wait.

"Inkpad can achieve very good results simulating reflections by the use of transparencies and gradients. The reflections of the objects on the table are just one example."

Galactic Girl.

"It's very easy to achieve metallic surfaces with Inkpad."


"I like to test different styles in Inkpad. Sometimes I put strokes in shapes, sometimes I don't. In this illustration I decided to draw the main characters with contours and leave the background characters without them in order to get a kind of contrast. I used color blend modes to tint some elements such as the squids in the background or to lighten the face of the cyclops creature."

The Live, the Living Dead and the Dead.

"I love the 'narrative' contrast that you get when you mix cute
characters with creepy ones like in this illustrations."

You Are Not Alone.

"In this illustration I learned to use the power of Inkpad to create light and ghost effects."

Smoke Robot.

"Combining ovals with gradients to transparency it's possible to get smoke textures like the one in this drawing."

A Mosquito, a Bird and a Flan in a Catalan Paper Boat.

"In this project I tried to combine clouds, fog effects and water/liquid transparency/reflections in a single illustration."

About Toni.

"I'm a digital illustrator based in Barcelona."

"I like to 'tell stories' with my illustrations that recreate the surreal worlds that inhabit my mind. For years I have been creating vector illustrations with desktop computers, but when I broke my leg in 2011 I had to spend a lot of hours lying in bed. It was then when I discovered the potential of the tandem iPad/Inkpad and I managed to create nice vector illustrations in a super-fast way with this great app. I was recovering from my accident but since then I have been using Inkpad to create artwork."

"I really love Inkpad because it has a very good interface, it's super responsive and you have the exact number of features that you need to create outstanding illustrations in a record time working just with an iPad (and a stylus, not necessary but strongly recommended). You can obtain volume effects and 3D looking surfaces in a very easy way just working with colors, gradients, blend effects and transparencies. At the same time, you have many ways to share the documents with other apps and platforms."

You can see more of Toni's imaginative artwork on his website and portfolios on Flickr, Instagram and Behance.

Designed with Inkpad by Wee Alien

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The whimsical vector artwork of designer Wee Alien captures fantasy worlds, creatures and robotics. Brought to life with intricate gradients and color palettes, each design builds on simple shapes to create wonderfully intricate pieces.

"These creatures are all made from very simple shapes - then I used slightly different gradients close together and the mask feature for variety."

"I like working with vectors – sometimes with a slightly skewed effect to add a bit of a quirky style. I applied that here to make these robots look more retro than futuristic."

"I had a cartoon-style approach to this one. I wanted the image to have a sense of perspective, but nothing too rigid or exact. With something like this I like to get a sense early on if it’s going to work out – so I use colours and values immediately rather than outlines."

"This dragon was an attempt to draw something which - despite being made of simple shapes - had a dynamic pose. I used the shadow and gradient effects for some extra depth."

"One of the things I like about Inkpad is being able to see results very quickly. This one came from playing around with no clear goal. I started with the eye and built around it – adding elements and experimenting until it was done."

"These fast food restaurants and coffee shop were done using the grid to keep the buildings uniform in size. Once the colours and shadows were in place I used the gradient to add a hint of the sun on the left hand side of the buildings. The clouds were painted on in Procreate and then I used an Instagram filter for the “photo” effect."

Wee Alien.

"I have a professional background in graphic design and page layout, but I’m interested in all sorts of digital art. I like working with vector style images and seeing how far I can take an illustration built from simple shapes."

"Inkpad is a great fit for me because it can do so much, I can work in different styles, it’s fast and I don’t need to use any other hardware. Most of what I do is created on there – usually with a couple of small additions on Procreate."

You can see more of Wee Alien's distinctive artwork on Instagram, Tumblr and Twitter.

Designed with Inkpad by Martin Coffey

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Martin Coffey has long been a lover of car designs and it shows in his eye-catching car illustrations, with a distinctive style that captures just the right amount of detail to highlight what makes the design special.

Here Martin shares a selection of his car artwork, together with a stunningly realised Raleigh Chopper, all created with Inkpad.


"The E9 is my favourite BMW. This is an illustration of a race car restored and raced by Blakeney Motorsports. To achieve the sharp lines and colours, I’ve avoided using any of the gradient or airbrush effects, drawing every reflection, shadow and highlight separately. Very time consuming as I wanted to capture every detail. I think there’s about 200 hours work in this one, but I was still learning!"

Ferrari 250TR.

"I bought a 1:43 scale die cast model at a toy fair. I wanted to simplify the detail, but still capture the essence of the beautiful shape. So I minimised the colour palette and vastly reduced the vectors drawn compared to the Chopper and BMW."

Fiat 500.

Ford Galaxie & Porsche 911T.

"I saw both of these at at classic car show in Stamford. It was a beautiful sunny day, and both of these stood out vibrantly in the sun. The 911 is an all time favourite design, small, poised elegant. The Galaxie is totally over the top. The 911 looked like it could be parked on the bonnet, it was that huge. But, it’s still well proportioned and has fabulous details like the jet engine styling of the tail lights."

Raleigh Chopper.

"A design icon if ever there was one, I loved this bike when I was a child, but never got one. I wanted to capture the bright colours of the frames and decals too, but in any colour. So, I experimented and the reflections and shadows are in separate layers, so I can change the colour of the frame with a simple swipe on the colour wheel, and viola, a Chopper in any colour!"

About Martin.

"I actually work full time as a business process manager, but have been passionate about cars and in particular car design since childhood. I’ve been sketching and photographing cars for years, but I always wanted to achieve a ‘pop art’ feel to my drawings, but really didn’t know how to do it. I’d admired the work of automotive artists like Tim Layzell and Ricardo Santos, and wanted to achieve similar eye popping images which really enhance the shapes of the cars."

"A few years ago researching ideas on my iPad, I came across vector art and investigated tools, but they were eye-wateringly expensive for an amateur. Then I found Inkpad. There was a bit of a learning curve for me, but pretty soon I was producing simple work. I’m amazed at the power of Inkpad. I start with photographs, mostly mine but some work I research on the web. Using that as a background, I then start drawing the vectors and building up layers to achieve the desired effect."

You can see more of Martin's amazing artwork on Instagram.

Designed with Inkpad by Telisa Roessein

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Telisa Roessein is an artist who brings her creative passion to her job as a HR professional by designing team scorecard posters with Inkpad. Over three years Telisa has created over 75 of these scorecards to help teamwork and company goals be reached with a great sense of humour, imagination and variety of themes.

The drawings make a wide use of vector techniques and combine typography, layout, images and even photos of real team members in her compositions.

Here Telisa has generously shared a selection of her drawings, mixed in with photographs of the posters on display and in use where she works.

"Data Integrity team with the theme of 4 seasons."

"Project management office team with construction theme."

"Commissions team with the theme of getting a shot at success (get it?)"

"IT team with Price is Right theme."

"Trading team with Guitar Hero and KISS theme."

"Facilities team with Toys r Us store theme."

"The Learning and Development team with survivor theme."

"Regina team with the theme of leaping frogs."

"Document Management team with Pac-Man theme."

"Operations team with Fitbit theme."

"Finance team with Save the CFO from King Kong (the auditor)."

"HR team with theme of Purple Rain Martini."

"Customer Service team with Google Maps theme."

"By the end of the year, the whole company play games where each team presents their scoreboards to the Executive team members in creative way."

"Commissions team with Superhero theme."

"Counsel Operations with theme of Survivor Tribal Council."

About Telisa.

“I’m an HR professional by day and an artist by night. I’ve always loved drawing and painting since I was a child but it’s only been 5 years that I started doing it on iPad. I find it very convenient as there is no mess involved."

"My manager at work discovered my artistic skills and gave me opportunities to help create Scoreboards for different departments at our company. The scoreboards are based on 4 Disciplines of Execution (a Franklin Covey book) where each department comes up with action items that are measured monthly to support overall company goals. Each department has different themes. I jumped to the opportunity right away so I can keep creating. I’ve been doing it for 3 years now and loving the process."

"I discovered Inkpad App when I was trying to find an app that allowed me to create vectors and type text in fonts that work with the variety of themes. I downloaded a bunch of apps but Inkpad was the only thing that worked for me. I can customize the size of the scoreboards and when they were printed, they were high quality. Sometimes I also use Procreate to add some details or create backgrounds. Other than the scoreboards, I’ve used Inkpad to create banners, campaign graphics, logos, Instagram posts and stories (I like to look professional). There are so many ways I can use Inkpad for and I’m constantly pushing my creativity with it. I have been currently creating lettering artwork using both Procreate and Inkpad for variety of creative elements.”

You can see Telisa's artwork on Instagram, Etsy, Society6 and Facebook.

"HR team (my team) with Inside Out movie theme where we collect orbs for each action item completed until we hit 4 different islands."

"Compliance team with racing theme."

"Operations IIROC team with Amazing Race theme where they get stamps for each action item completed."

"Strategic team with Starbucks theme. There are 3 ladies in that team, hence the 3 mermaids."

Designed with Inkpad by David Rivera

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David Rivera provided a series of constructive feedback and suggestions for Inkpad so it only seemed right to invite him to share a selection of his artwork. David not only supplied a series of vibrant designs, but he also captured a video of creating one on his iPad from start to finish. Check out the popcorn drawing and then watch it drawn live in Inkpad.

About David.

"I have been a creative expressionist for over 3.5 decades. At age 12 I began drawing on corner-store stationary sketch books and water markers. Later as I became a paranormal researcher I began to employ the usage of word processors and computers. I began using Adobe Photoshop at version 4 on Windows PC, as I evolved into other creative programs (e.g. 3D software, Animation and language programming). During this time in Urban New York City I acquired a reputation as a popular street graffiti artist (which included subway spray painting). I would end up doing work for a few clients as I continued to evolve in my youth."

"As my research investigative work accelerated (having been a 911 survivor), my interest in creative expression also blossomed. I continued to self-educate in creative programs. During this phase I was published twice in Poland in a Photoshop glossy magazine. My programming interests grew as I became an independent app developer for the Android platform via Adobe’s Flash Professional (now Adobe Animate CC)."

"Today I enjoy creating biological behavioral forms of art out of plain vector graphics via Adobe Animate CC. I now use Apple computing gear for color clarity, ease of use and simplicity. Today I spend most of my time researching, programming and developing ideas for biological creative art expression. I highly enjoy using Inkpad for it’s amazing workflow, and it is my top favorite app."

You can find David on twitter.

Designed with Inkpad by Nicolas Saez

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Nicolas Saez is an audiovisual artist who has used Inkpad to design all of the artwork for his latest project, "Y". Here Nicolas has shared the original artwork and photographs of the physical prints. In the photograph of the print for "FYM!", you can also see the artwork in Inkpad on Nicolas' iPad.


The Great Reset.



Just Getting Started.


About Nicolas.

"Based in Brussels and focused on audiovisual design, I followed studies in a Belgian Fame-like art school (ah!) that allowed me to grow into a jack of all trades in everything media. After working with indie musicians, non-profits and shiny ad clients, I'm now getting back to my roots of examining our impending doom with childlike wonder."

"When it comes to drawing, my first love was a mouse and the bezier curves it allowed me to control. While my father was an exceptional oil painter, matter frustrated my own mathematical perceptions and I hadn't found my childhood dream setup until I installed Inkpad on my first iPad. So much so that it has literally replaced Illustrator in my work flow."

"'Y' is my latest personal project, featuring 6 illustrations, 4 tracks and 2 videos. The artwork, entirely designed in Inkpad, was printed as a limited edition on aluminum covered in plexiglass to preserve the luminous and reflective nature of a screen. But seeing them on canvas, as cushions or on a phone case is pretty great too."

"If you'd like to know more, you can visit my website here:"

Icarus Befallen & Orphan Meta

Designed with Inkpad by Raman Bhardwaj

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Raman Bhardwaj is a freelance animator, illustrator and designer who works with a number of technologies to create custom artwork. Raman has also used Inkpad to draw some of his fun and quirky cartoons, animals and caricatures.

Raman originally emailed me some of his charming Inkpad artwork just to show what he had created on his iPad. So when I started the 'Designed with Inkpad' section of the website it was obvious to ask Raman if he would like to have his drawings featured.

"I find Inkpad to be amazing, simple yet powerful tool to create vector art on iPad on the go."

About Raman.

"I like to make lighthearted and humorous illustrations and cartoons and so I pickup such assignments like children books, mascot designs, comics and editorial illustration projects. I started as a newspaper illustrator and after working for leading English dailies in India for over a decade I started full time freelancing from my home office, now in Kernersville, North Carolina, USA. I do some 2d animation and 3d modelling too."

You can find Raman on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, and see more of Raman's artwork on his portfolio website.

Designed with Inkpad by Felipe Villela

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Felipe Villela is an art director and designer who over two years created a massive series of abstract geometric designs, sometimes on a daily basis. Most of these were created with Inkpad, then combined with Mextures to add texture detail and sometimes TiltShiftGen to add focus effects.

When I first saw Felipe's artwork I had the impression of getting a peek into another dimension or realm. It turns out this closely matched his intention, which you can read about in the notes Felipe has kindly provided.

"It occurred to me that our mobile devices are computers and that I was only using it for social media and email. If I was going to stare at my phone for that long each day, I needed to find a way to make artwork. I began each of these pieces as vectors illustrations. The simplicity and versatility of the Inkpad app allowed me create the initial imagery. I would then move the images into Mextures and/or TiltShiftGen (both image editting apps) to add texture and depth to the images."

"This image was inspired by the explosions in animated shows I used to watch growing up. These were rockets/fireworks shooting into the sky and exploding."

"This was an exercise in overlapping a shape to create depth. I was trying to make the larger shapes look like they were stacked and that the blue middle shape was cut out of the middle shape."

"I played a lot with layering to create depth and to try to catch the eye. The point of view here is of looking down a tunnel of sorts at the smallest green shape in the middle. It creates the illusion that the smaller shapes are nested in the larger ones but the gold and deep red slivers sit on top of it all. The intent is to make the viewer take a subtle role in the deciding what's happening."

"The clean background and layering of the shapes create a simple depth to this image that I really enjoy. It brings me a certain peacefulness that I appreciate."

"In all these images, I'm trying to create a peek into another world. I tried to replicate the feeling of looking through a microscope/lens into a smaller world. I wanted a simple shape and spot of color and depth. I think the end result looks like the shell of an insect or other organic form."

"I really like pinstriping and wanted to see if I could create something that looked like it with the apps. I'm pretty happy with the simplicity of the result."

"I used repetition of shape a lot for a variety of effects. Sometimes for scale, sometimes for depth and sometimes just to drive the eye in a simple composition. In this case it was a simple composition of these shapes eating the smaller versions."

About Felipe's use of Inkpad.

"Inkpad itself proved invaluable to me. Since my goal was to use my tablet, I wanted something that gave me the clean results of a vector illustration but also had the flexibility to apply layer effects, drop shadows, masking, etc. I really tried my best to push the app to it's limits sometimes just to see what it could. That in itself would sometimes inspire certain works. Once I found out what it could do, I would focus on how to use that technique to create some new piece. So I let anything around me inspire me from my day to day physical interactions to my interactions with the app itself. It was a lot of work to post something almost daily but I did it and loved that I was able to really push myself and the apps for two years."

You can see more of Felipe's artwork on his design portfolio and all of his abstract project on Instagram.

Designed with Inkpad by Yve Müller

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Yve Müller recently started using Inkpad and has already created a broad range of designs, from delicate to bold, with a deft use of color. Frequently her drawings are enhanced by adding subtle texture detail using Procreate.

Here Yve has generously shared a selection of her favorite artwork created with Inkpad.

Coloured Leaves.

"My first piece in Inkpad."

Ducks in Love.

Flower Explosion.

"Inkpad with texture added in Procreate."

Paper Cutting.


Beads on a String.

Serene Universe.


Rug Design.

Art Deco.

Gold, Frankincense and Myrrh.

Nature in Circles.


About Yve.

"I am an amateur artist who loves all kinds of art and craft and likes to try them all. I doubt if I'll ever concentrate on one thing, as I'm having too much fun trying everything."

"Vector art appeals to my controlling side - all those clean lines and shapes - and with the Inkpad app, if I do want to add texture or depth to my work, I take a screen shot and then work with photographs and the mask feature in the app, or export my designs to other apps such as Procreate. I also take pictures or scans of my tradional work and extract or manipulate them using Inkpad. (I was really pleased to be able to seperate my pastel henna ducks from their drab background and mess around with them using the app.)"

"I've used Adobe illustrator on my Apple desktop and loved it, so I downloaded the app but couldn't make heads or tails it, which is why I turned to Inkpad - cheaper (very important), powerful and super user friendly, it does most of the same things as Adobe Illustrator, at least at my level."

"I started using Inkpad in September on my iPad mini 2, and as I don't own a stylus, all the work you see here has been done with my finger, which really is a testament to both pieces of technology."

You can see more of Yve's digital and traditional artwork on Instagram.

Designed with Inkpad by Erick Villagomez

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Erick Villagomez is an environmental designer, artist and teacher, who works with traditional and digital media. Erick has been using Inkpad to create a diverse range of vector artwork, many of which he has very kindly shared here together with annotations.

When I first discovered Erik’s artwork, I was taken by his amazing drawing inspired by the Cloud Gate in Chicago. I was so impressed by what first appeared to be a render, it inspired me to rethink the style and fidelity possible with Inkpad.

Graphic series.

"My earliest experiments with Inkpad. The focus was creating a strong graphic pattern and getting comfortable with the Inkpad interface."

"Attempting to capture the ‘roundness’ of the cylinder through properly placed highlights and shadows. Some thought went into capturing slightly more realistic light behaviour."

"A more surrealist piece that plays with subtle light and shadow effect available with Inkpad."

Smoke series.

"This series attempted to capture the atmosphere as the smoke from wildfires hung above the city where I live. Capturing visual gradients as things moved into obscurity was the focus."

"Vancouver’s Grouse Mountain under smoke."

"The sun, sky and rooftops of a local street in the later afternoon under wildfire smoke."

Reflections series.

"This series aggressively pushed capturing accurate reflection across extremely reflective surfaces. They are imaginary scenarios of natural and controlled lighting conditions. I wanted to test my ability to imagine how light would react."

"An imaginary study of a reflective black marble with a floating surface above it, under studio conditions."

"An imaginary study of a chrome marble surrounded by a barrier with a building in the background, during in the late afternoon."

"A piece inspired by Cloud Gate in Chicago: Cloud Gate in the desert."

"Experimenting with a bike helmet-like object."

"Study of a reflective orange marble with a barrier around it."

"An imaginary study of a reflective oval shape under studio lighting conditions."

Places series.

"Attempting to capture places and landscapes. Some were done directly on site."

"Although this was done while on Kew Beach in Toronto, I took a lot of liberties—deviating from the real—to simply try to capture the essence of the crowded beach with the city in the background."

"Attempting to capture the essence of English Bay in Vancouver during the sunset."

"Chilling out on the deck in Smoke Lake in Ontario one beautiful summer afternoon."

"Capturing light reflection and refraction in a shallow beach condition."

"The play of light on snow is amazing and intricate. I wanted to see if I could capture it somewhat realistically using vectors instead of digital paint. I think there is still much to be desired from my experiment, but I think several subtleties were captured okay."

Building series.

"Shows attempts to capture the built environment."

"An idiosyncratic window pattern in my area."

"A fictional ‘wall’ inspired by the work of John Hedjuk."

"A facade of John Hedjuk’s unbuilt proposals."

Letter series.

"Experimenting with potential graphics created using two randomly chosen consecutive letters. Although they don’t look like much, this was probably the most difficult exercise I have done to-date using Inkpad. I found it very challenging to think about letters as shapes alone and reimagining their graphic potential in different configurations. Going through font options alone took a long time. I started with the easiest graphic configurations—those that led to resembling a face. Then I added the challenge of not allowing faces. Tons of fun… and worth a try if you want to challenge yourself!"

"Graphic using letters a and b."

"Graphic using letters o and p."

"Graphic using letters c and d."

"Graphic using letters g and h."

"Graphic using letters s and t."

Illustration series.

"Puts aside the realistic in favour of a looser, illustrative approach."

"Pieces commissioned for a magazine that I decided to execute in Inkpad. I really wanted to play around with vector-based designs, instead of the digital paint I used frequently. The theme was Canadian Icons."

"Just having some fun playing with colour and depth."

"A little piece where I wanted to use a few shapes as possible to create a graphic for Women’s Day. There are six in total."

About Erick.

"I’m a designer and instructor out of Vancouver, Canada. I experiment a lot with drawing and sketching technique and methods, so am constantly experimenting with different media—analog and digital. Inkpad is currently my vector-based iPad software of choice and I’m constantly trying to push my own skills with it."

You can find Erick at Metis Design.Build and see an inspiring range of his diverse artwork on Tumblr and Instagram.

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