Frequently Asked Questions:

Working with Text on a Path in Inkpad

Placing text on a path in Inkpad is pretty straight forward. First you’ll need to create a shape, this will become the path for your text, I’m going for an oval. One thing I always do when adding text to a path is duplicate my shape layer. This keeps the original shape safe, just in case I need it again, which I will later on in this video.

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Exporting Transparent Images from Inkpad

We were recently asked about exporting transparent images in Inkpad. By default all areas of a Drawing will be transparent, unless an area has been assigned a colour.

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Close, join and unite paths in Inkpad tutorial

We’ve had a couple of questions about joining and closing paths in Inkpad, so please join me as I show the ways you can close, join and unite paths using Inkpad.

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Migrating drawings from Taptrix Inkpad using email

One of the most frequently asked questions Derek receives is how to move artwork from Taptrix Inkpad into our version of Inkpad. This video covers using email to migrate your artwork between the two versions of Inkpad. If you would prefer to use Dropbox, please check out my other video.


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