Migrating drawings from Taptrix Inkpad using Dropbox

by Lindsay in Frequently Asked Questions

One of the most frequently asked questions Derek receives is how to move artwork from Taptrix Inkpad into our version of Inkpad. This video covers using Dropbox to migrate your artwork between the two versions of Inkpad.


Migrating drawings between Inkpad by Taptrix and Inkpad by Envoza can be done using Dropbox. Dropbox is available for free in the App Store and is very straightforward to set up.


While making this video I did encounter a problem with using Dropbox while both versions of Inkpad were installed on my iPad. If you encounter any problems, it is worth backing up any drawings in Envoza Inkpad using the steps in this video, then removing it from your device. Do not remove the Taptrix version of Inkpad, as you will not be able to reinstall it. Dropbox should then work fine with Taptrix Inkpad, enabling you to upload your drawings, then reinstall Envoza Inkpad.

Once you’ve created your Dropbox account, open the Taptrix version of Inkpad. From the gallery, tap Select, then tap all the drawings you want to upload. You will see a tick on everything you are going to upload. When you’re done, tap Dropbox and a pop-up will appear asking you to allow Inkpad to access Dropbox. Once you have tapped Allow, you will be taken back to Inkpad and a menu will appear. Check that Inkpad is selected at the bottom of the list, then tap Upload.

Open the version of Inkpad by Envoza, tap Import and, if needed, allow Inkpad to access your Dropbox just like before. Simply select the drawings you wish to import, you can select multiple files at once, and when you are ready tap Import. Wait a while to import everything, and there you go, all your drawings are now available and fully editable.