Maintained and supported by Derek Pollard, Inkpad is all about creating beautiful vector artwork.

Derek Pollard

With over twenty years of software development experience, Derek has been inspired by the success of the iPhone and iPad and the opportunities to share software in the App Store. With his trusty team of cats he designs and develops enhancements to Inkpad.


Inkpad was originally created by Steve Sprang in 2011, following on from his success with the art package Brushes. In 2013 he released it as Open Source with the intention of it being taken over as a community project. Unfortunately the Inkpad project went unmaintained for roughly 2 years and the original app was removed from the App Store.

With the disappearance of the Inkpad app I took over development and support in 2015 having been an avid user of Inkpad. I wanted to ensure the continued development and support of a product I and others enjoy so much.

This version of Inkpad was originally based on the Open Source project. Over the years, with ongoing maintenance, additional features and the adoption of new Apple technologies, such as Metal and Swift, that source code has been replaced. Inkpad still has a similar user interface experience, ease of use and backwards compatibility for the original drawings.

Resources still used from the original project are as follows:

Source code

Livarot C++ library for operations on polygons and computing voronoi diagrams.


Mushroom Breakdown, Toucan in the Shade and Space by Ron Letkeman.

Help documentation

Help text, localisations and some images.


Chinese Simplified, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Spanish, Turkish.

Original Inkpad project

Available as Open Source on GitHub.


  • Steve Sprang
  • Scott Vachalek / SVG Import
  • Joe Ricioppo / Initial Dropbox Integration
  • Sam Green
  • Alistair McMillan
  • Oscar Rysdyk

Original App Icon

  • Matthew Rex Downham


  • Carlo Gandolfi / Italian
  • Miguel Dussán / Spanish
  • Yannick Loriot / French
  • Essen Tekin / Turkish
  • Henry Wagler / German
  • Delfim Rodrigues / Portuguese
  • Pedro Lovisoto / Brazilian Portuguese
  • Juan Casares / Spanish
  • Ale Muñoz / Spanish
  • Pillow Tse, Zhang Yungui / Chinese Simplified
  • Akin Tanaka / Japanese



  • Alexander Deplov of Pleeq Software / Russian
  • Gábor L Ugray / Hungarian

Many thanks to Pixeden for the iPad mockups used on the home page.