Inkpad Arrange Menu – Distribute Horizontally & Vertically

by Lindsay in Features

Useful when you want to spread a row of objects along a line based on a centre point of each selected object. In Inkpad you can distribute objects both horizontally and vertically.

Distribute Horizontally

Distribute Horizontally, will equally space each object based on its central point along a horizontal line. The left most object will be the starting point of your distribution, and the right most object the end point. All other selected objects will be distributed evenly between these two locations.

Distribute Vertically

Taking the central point of all selected objects, Distribute Vertically will space all selected objects between the top most object and the bottom most. All other objects will be spaced out between the top and bottom objects.

If any of your objects are higgledy piggledy, neither Distribute Horizontally nor Distribute Vertically will bring them into alignment. To ensure even alignment along an axis, you can use the Alignment Tools in the Arrange Menu. I’ll cover this more in another video.