Inkpad Arrange Menu – Group & Ungroup

by Lindsay in Features

Two or more objects can be combined as a group. Once grouped, objects can be selected as one larger object and scaled, moved or assigned property changes. Grouping can be useful if you have several objects that combine to make one larger design element or share the same properties.


To form a group select the objects. As you can see this truffle is made up of many separate objects, so I’m going to check I have the layer for this milk chocolate truffle selected, then use Select All in Layer. Now I can group my truffle. Once grouped no matter where I touch on the truffle every element in the group will be selected and you will not be able to access individual objects within a group. Once grouped, additional objects or groups can be added to other groups.


Creating a group of objects is brilliant for keeping objects linked together and maintaining their relationship to each other, but what if you need to edit a specific object? This is where Ungroup comes in. Simply select the group you wish to edit and select Ungroup. If multiple groups have been grouped together, you will need to Ungroup several times, until the object you wish to edit is no longer contained within a group.