Inkpad Arrange Menu – Alignment

by Lindsay in Features

Offering a quick and easy way to align objects the remaining six options in the Arrange menu will align selected objects to each other along your chosen axis. Next to each Align option you will see a diagram showing how the alignment will affect your selected objects.

Align Left

This will vertically align all selected objects to the left most selected object.

Align Centre

This will find the centre point of all selected objects and align each of them by their own centre point along the vertical axis.

Align Right

Similar to Align Left, Align Right will vertically align the right side of all selected objects with the right most selected object.

Align Top

Using the topmost selected object as reference, Align Top will move all other selected objects and align them horizontally to this point.

Align Middle

Like Align Centre, Align Middle will find the central horizontal axis of all selected objects and align them accordingly, but using their own centre point.

Align Bottom

Finally we have Align Bottom, horizontally aligning all selected objects to the lowest selected object.