Inkpad Edit Menu – Cut, Copy, Paste & Delete

by Lindsay in Features

You are probably familiar with Cut, Copy, Paste and Delete from other apps. These commands work the same within Inkpad as elsewhere.


Cut will remove any selected objects from your drawing. The objects will be held in the clipboard of your device and can be pasted back into another layer, a different Inkpad drawing or as a raster image into another app, such as Procreate.


Much like Cut, Copy will add any selected objects to your device clipboard for pasting into another layer, any Inkpad drawing or as a raster image into another app. However the original shape will remain in your current drawing, rather than being removed.


Paste will access any shape from your device clipboard, whether it was placed there from Inkpad or another app, into your currently active layer. When pasting from another app the object will be scaled to fit your current Inkpad drawing. When pasting an object copied or cut from within Inkpad, it will be pasted into its original position. If you paste from one drawing to another, with a different sized canvas the object may appear off the canvas.


Represented by a trash can in the toolbar and located at the very bottom of the Edit menu is Delete. Both perform the same operation and will remove any selected objects or anchors from your drawing. The objects will not be placed in the device clipboard. The only way to retrieve a deleted object is to undo the deletion, using the Undo icon. Returning to the gallery will erase any undo history and the object will be lost completely.