Inkpad Eraser Tool

by Lindsay in Features

This handy tool is used to erase parts of your drawing as you move your finger across a path or shape. It can be used to achieve the perfect shape or just have some fun with your vector artwork.

When you select the Eraser Tool, a settings panel will appear in the bottom of the canvas. This will adjust the size of the Eraser Tool and the impact it has on your drawing elements. As you drag your finger over a path part of it will, as the tools name suggests, be erased. If you use the Eraser Tool on an open path, it will split into two separate segments. However if you use the Eraser Tool on a closed path and slice all the way through it, like this, the path will still be linked (as if one shape). You can edit the anchors to the shape individually, but any changes to colour with be applied to both shapes. To separate the paths use Separate Paths from the Path menu.

The Eraser Tool will erase sections from all shapes in all active, unlocked layers, no matter how many there are, as long as they fall under the path of your finger. If any shapes are selected, the eraser tool will only erase from those selected shapes.