Inkpad 2.0

by Lindsay in Releases

  • Added user interface themes. Now you can change theme depending on the tone of your artwork:
    • Light monochrome.
    • Dark monochrome.
    • Classic Inkpad.

    The light and dark themes make minimal use of color so that tints in the user interface do not distract from or influence your artwork color choices.</li>

    • Reworked all UI glyphs to give the whole app more polish. Although many maintain their previous forms, the most noticeable changes are the new redo/undo buttons.
    • Russian language translation of the user manual contributed by Alexander Deplov of Pleeq Software.
    • Numerous enhancements, adjustments and minor fixes to the user interface.</ul>

We've had a lot of requests for this update, so if you are someone who asked, or have been secretly hoping, you'll be happy to hear Derek has added a dark theme for Inkpad.

Not only that, he's also gone and created a light theme too! And for those who loved the old look of Inkpad, don't worry we still have Inkpad classic.

How do you find this treasure trove of themes, I hear you cry. Well, while in a drawing head on over to the settings menu and open it. Right there at the top of the menu, you'll find the new themes tucked away under the preferences tab. What's more this preference tab is also the new home for the Apple Pencil sensitivity slider too, makes a bit more sense than out in the gallery.

Anyway the themes. Simply chose your theme and bam there you are, dark, light or classic. Your chosen theme will apply in the gallery and folders too.

Finally for anyone who is looking at the undo and redo buttons an scratching their heads, yes they have changed. We swapped the square ones for some nice roundy ones.

Hope you enjoy this update, and as always let us know what you think.