Inkpad 2.3

by Lindsay in Releases

Improvements include precise rotation control, a docked tools palette and easier sub-tool access.

Hi, its Lindsay with news of another Inkpad update and I’ve got two improvements to tell you about.

Firstly a little user interface change. I don’t know if any of you noticed the free floating tool palette doing its own thing sometimes. So Derek has docked the tool palette to the side of the screen. You can still pick either left or right from up here in the Preferences tab of the Settings menu, but it will no longer move around of its own accord! When you dock the tool palette to the left you’ll notice it also tucks in behind the ruler, if you have them tuned on, which is much tidier.

Now for the second improvement… You can now rotate objects by set amounts - yay! Simply pick the Rotation Tool as normal and a new little dialog will appear. You can use the slider to rotate your selected object either clockwise or anticlockwise. For more precise rotations tap on the angle and hey presto a keypad will pop up.

You can still use a second finger to constrain any rotation to 45 degree turns, but if you need a little more control the slider or keypad are for you.

Right I’m off to see how complicated a mandala I can create and as always we’d love know your thought on this update.