Inkpad 2.4.3

by Lindsay in Releases

I have the pleasure of announcing another regularly requested feature - keyboard shortcuts. These shortcuts are available on iPads with an external Bluetooth keyboard.

If you want to rush off and try them for yourself, you can press and hold the Command key from the drawing screen to see the shortcuts Derek has enabled.

Otherwise sit back and join me as I go through the shortcuts that have been added.

Familiar to most of us are Copy: Command+C, Paste: Command+V and Cut: Command+X. Nice and simple.

To delete a selected object simply hit the Delete key on your keyboard.

Now for some really handy ones. To Duplicate a selected object, hit Command+J. To Transform Again hit Command+R, and Duplicate and Transform Again is Shift+Command+R. I know I’ll get a lot of use out of those :-)

To Select All press Command+A, this will select all objects in all unlocked layers. To deselect objects, press Command+D.

Another very handy pair; Undo is Command+Z and Redo is Shift +Command+Z.

And finally we have some canvas zooming controls: To Zoom In press Command+=, Zoom Out with Command+- and to Zoom to Fit use Command+0.

Please feel free to let us know how you get on with this new update.