Inkpad 2.5.0

by Lindsay in Releases

Another exciting update for Inkpad, Drag and Drop for iPad multitasking has arrived!

To show off this new update I’ll need to open another app that supports multitasking and drag and drop. I’ll give both apps equal room on screen to make it easier to see.

Okay, now I’m all set up lets start in the gallery. I can drag drawings directly into the Procreate gallery. Once I have started dragging, tapping on other drawings will stack them all up and drag them at once. And then plop over they go. The transferred images will arrive at their destination already converted to raster images, just as though you copied and pasted them between apps.

This works both ways so images can also be dragged straight into Inkpad’s gallery screen.

If I open an Inkpad Drawing, I can drag directly from the Procreate gallery straight into my drawing. Or if I want an Inkpad drawing over in Procreate I can drag from the Inkpad gallery straight to an open drawing.

From within drawings you can drag individual layers across, which I think is super handy. You can drag straight into a drawing or drag into a layer menu to control where the new layers appear. When dragging directly into an Inkpad drawing, unless dragged specifically into the layer menu, elements will be placed in the same layer. However they will still be separate elements and can be distributed into different layers if needed.

I hope you’re as pleased to see this update as I am. So go out and get dragging and dropping. And as always we’d love to hear any and all feedback on this update.