Inkpad 3.0.9

by Lindsay in Releases

Hi, it’s Lindsay and I’ve got a really brilliant update to tell you about. Derek has added bulk import and export to Inkpad!

What does this mean? Well if you go to the main menu in the gallery screen, you will see a new option ‘Backup’. Under this you will find two options.

Export Backup

Tapping this will zip up all of your Inkpad drawings and the folders they are in and save it to a location of your choice. You can rename the file if you want, so that it makes a bit more sense to you, but I’ll stick with the current date. Then chose your location, I’m saving mine to my iPad, but you can choose any cloud location you have available, and hit save.

Once your files have been saved you’ll be taken back to the gallery, knowing every thing is safe and sound.

Import Backup

This is where Derek has got really fancy with the backup system. First off it can be used as a straight forward migration tool. So if you exported your Inkpad backup, then deleted and reinstalled Inkpad, Import Backup will, as the name suggests import all you saved drawings back into Inkpad. Not only that, but all folder information will be imported too, so when you browse your Inkpad gallery it will be like nothing ever happened. Pretty cool eh?

Well, that’s not not all this nifty import can do, oh no.

If you accidentally delete a drawing, or maybe changed it and want an old version back, Inkpad’s Import Backup can help you with that too. Choosing Import Backup with a populated gallery will only replace files that have been deleted or renamed since the back up file was created.

I’m going to delete this bunny drawing, then edit this blank drawing and rename Swirly. All three of these drawings were previously exported in the Export Backup I just did, so I know they are nice and safe. With that done, I will import my backup again and this time you’ll see that the bunny drawing has been restored, the edited file has not changed and the original of my renamed file has returned to the gallery.

You can manage your Inkpad backups in the Files app, so you don’t get overrun with them! Hope you enjoy this brilliant new feature, now go and back up your artwork!