Inkpad 3.2.0

by Lindsay in Releases

Another brilliant update for you today, Derek has added an advanced Custom Export to Inkpad.

Yep, now when you are in a drawing, you will find Export under the Share menu. Tapping on this will take you to the fancy new export screen. Here you export all the usual file formats; PNG, JPG, SVG and PDF.

You will notice PNG has Transparent or Flattened options. This simply means that if there is not background applied to your design, Transparent will retain your transparency, while Flattened will replace any transparency with a white background.

For PNG and JPG formats you will also find the new size options. So you are free to enlarge and shrink your design to your hearts content. You can change the dimensions of your drawing by Width, Height, or Scale. The units displayed are based on the settings in your design, which you can change from the Drawing tab in the Settings menu. Of course you can reset the sizes entered if you get in a muddle. The maximum export size values shown are based on your iPad memory.

Once you are all set up tap the Export button right here at the bottom. You will remain in this screen to perform as many exports as you like. When you are ready to return to your drawing simply tap Done.