Inkpad Path Menu – Anchors

by Lindsay in Features

The first set of tools in the Path menu focus on anchors; the points on a path where it changes direction.

Add Anchor Points

This will simply add extra anchor points to any selected path. A new anchor will be created evenly between each existing anchor point already on the path. So in the case of this rectangle an anchor will be placed between each of the existing corner points. The new anchors will not immediately affect the shape of the path they have been place on.

Delete Anchor Points

Working slightly differently to Add Anchor Points, Delete Anchor Points requires you to first select the anchor points you wish to remove from a path. Using the Multi-Selection tool you can select as many anchors as you would like and delete them in one go. Once deleted any influence the anchors had on the path will be removed.

Join Paths

This can be applied to two separate open paths and will join the closest end anchor point of each path. If the anchor points are not overlapping one path will move towards the other.

The stacking order of the paths will decide which path is moved (see resources below). When joining a path the object that is lowest in the stack will move towards the object above it.

If both anchor points at the end of the selected shapes overlap, the two open paths will be joined as one closed path.

Outline Stroke

This will take any path whether open or closed and convert it to a closed path based on the Stroke width applied to the path. Any existing fill colour will be removed and the original colour of the Stroke will now be the fill colour of your new shape.