Inkpad Path Menu – Paths

by Lindsay in Features

The Path menu introduces us to compound paths which are often used to create objects with holes. If you’re not sure what a compound path is, check out my compound path video.

Combine Paths

Used create a compound path, Combine Paths will link all selected paths. Combine Paths can be applied to open or closed paths and as many paths as you have selected at once.

When using the Combine Paths function the properties of the front most path in the stack order will be applied to all selected Paths. To find out more about the stack order of paths, please check out Part One of my Arrange Menu Videos.

Separate Paths

You can undo the combining of paths using Separate Paths. Before using Separate paths make sure all paths that make up the compound path are selected, or the option will not be available. You can separate multiple compound paths at once, even if they are not linked.

No matter how your compound path was created, Separate Paths will split it up and return the paths contained to their plain state.

Reverse Path Direction

Using Reverse Path Direction will change the direction of all selected paths, from either clockwise or anticlockwise. The direction of paths affects the outcome of certain actions, such as Combine Paths and Place Text on Path.