Inkpad 1.10.2

by Lindsay in Releases

Please note the Apple Pencil sensitivity setting has moved.  It can now be accessed from inside a drawing, under the Preferences tab located in the Settings menu.  For more information see post Inkpad 2.0


  • Enhanced Apple Pencil support with sensitivity setting.

For those of you, who like me, are lucky enough to have an iPad Pro, I am pleased to say that Derek has improved support for the Apple Pencil. We have heard from many of our users who use the pencil, and some who have had problems with the sensitivity of the Apple Pencil.

You can access the new Apple Pencil Sensitivity settings from the gallery, in the top left of the screen in the main menu. The sensitivity slider is set to a mid level by default which should suit the majority of users. However if you still find the pencil too sensitive, possibly experienced when editing nodes or with objects being nudged when you select them, you can move the slider to the left to decrease the sensitivity of the pencil. Alternatively if the pencil seems a little unresponsive to you, move the slider to the right for more sensitivity.

Some users have also asked about palm rejection when using the Apple Pencil. Because some Inkpad features require a second finger to be placed on the screen, palm rejection may interfere with these actions. If you do find a problem with your palm resting on you iPad Pro while you use your Apple Pencil, you may find a glove designed for touch screens useful. You can find them on Amazon under iPad gloves. I use one myself in other drawing apps and it is very effective.